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On our way to Alicante airport, our car broke down. We had to arrive on time for our flight to Holland. At the time we had nobody else to call, except for Charlotte. In less than 15 minutes, a friendly taxi driver appeared and took us to the airport. In the meantime, Charlotte had called a tow truck which took our car to a vehicle repair shop. One week later, our car had had been fully repaired and was ready for us upon our return. That is an excellent service! Many thanks, Charlotte!
Gert en Jarien

We arrived home late at night, after travelling from Holland. We turned the lights on and checked the connections. Oh dear, the Dutch television channels weren’t working and neither was the Movistar internet connection. We found ourselves cut off from the outside world. All we could do was go to bed. The next day we went to Adem Macha. Amparo called Movistar. That same day we had a technician from the company come round and repair everything. It seems, someone, maybe even myself, had mistaken the ADSL connection socket. With regard to the television, it only took one call to a company run by two Dutch installers (Michiely Peter) to take care of the problem. Thank you, Amparo and Charlotte!
Sylvia en Willy Melgert

While in Holland, we were contacted by our Spanish bank to inform  that a water bill from Amjasa had arrived. The bill was for €4,000. Our first thought was, this is impossible! We decided to call Charlotte at Adem Macha. We soon found out there was an enormous water leak in our house. Adem Macha promptly dealt with the repair, employing the services of a specialised technician and they even negotiated with Amjasa, so we only had to pay for part of the water which had been leaked. All thanks to Charlotte.
Gijs en Linda van Ooi

When building our new house in Jávea, we had to pay a guarantee for construction work amounting to several thousand Euros in relation to the infrastructure of the house. The town hall returns this guarantee after a few years, but you have to request the return by filling in a series of forms and paperwork. Adem Macha took care of everything and within the established period of time, the municipal guarantee was returned to us.

Liesbeth en Peter 

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